The easiest ways to travel (basically) for free

The easiest ways to travel (basically) for free | little cup of j

Nope, not a joke. You can actually travel the world on a very (very) limited budget. Aside from paying for airfare and other transport – (Use SkyScanner to search for flights on the “cheapest month” option if your schedule is flexible enough! You’ll likely snag an unreal deal. More on those travel hacks soon) – traveling on a small budget is so possible!

Here are a couple of the most common “alternative” ways that savvy travelers plan their trips…


Workaway / HelpX / WWOOF – basically, a bit of work (typically 20-25 hours per week) in exchange for free accommodation and usually free food. I used WorkAway (and can’t recommend it enough!), but HelpX is the same idea, and WWOOFing is more for organic farm work. Whatever floats your boat!


House sit – this option was introduced to me just days before heading over to Scotland via other travel blogs I was stalking, but it looks like an amazing option. In exchange for caring for a person’s home and / or animals, you get to stay in their home while they’re gone…free of cost. Since accommodation is usually ends up costing the most over a period of traveling, you’re saving yourself a bunch of money (while also potentially enjoying the company of a few furry friends).


Couchsurfing – as in, the app & website. I’ve met so many people throughout this trip who have used it regularly, and absolutely recommend it. Plus, what better way to get to know a place than to experience it by staying with a local? That being said, always have a back-up plan, especially when relying entirely on someone else for access to accommodation.


Actually work overseas – SO many hostels (and I mean like, every hostel I’ve ever stayed in) employ people from all over the world. Working holiday = you get to travel to a new place and make a bit of cash while you’re doing it. Win-win. Of course, this usually means getting a working visa beforehand, so plan accordingly.

Or there’s always…


Befriend locals, crash at their place – you might think I’m joking, but it can work. If you’re embracing the whole “slow travel” concept and staying in certain places for longer periods of time, it’s almost inevitable to make some good friends in the area. They might be nice enough to let you sleep on their couch for a night or two!


And when all else fails, enter a few contests & giveaways. Hey, you really never know!

Any other suggestions? I’d love to hear ’em! Leave a comment below. 🙂


The easiest ways to travel (basically) for free | little cup of j