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What’s better than a little natural green decor to brighten up a space? Today, I’m loving everything palm-pretty & oh-so lovely.

I spotted Sara’s Instagram just recently, but immediately was hooked. Such minimal, clean compositions & lovely original drawings. With bold, leafy verdant decor becoming an aesthetic staple, I just love these simple palm pieces she created!

Sara’s site // Instagram


my inspiration:


Cake: Alana Jones-Mann  | Illustration: Design Love Fest

(computer/phone background!) | Balloons: Studio DIY | sweatshirt

create your space:

1. temporary wallpaper from  Chasing Paper

Temporary. wallpaper. An apartment renter’s dream! This bold pattern is just perfect for a statement wall (with exposed brick to complement, of course).

chasing paper

2. throw pillows


3. accent curtains

I’m usually not a big fan of patterned curtains, but since these are the only bold pop in the room, it works out just beautifully.


{via NYTimes}

4. oh hey! the real deal.





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  1. So much inspo! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 I’m officially obsessed with everything and anything palm print related.

    XO Amy from Curated by Amy

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