DIY feather garland

diy gold dipped feather garland decor

With just a little over two weeks until I move back to St. Mike’s for the last time, I’ve been trying to put my Pinterest to use with DIY crafts & decor for our townhouse. Adding to last year’s patterned flag garland, I decided to tackle this gold-dipped feather garland project first – super simple and covers quite a bit of wall space.

What you’ll need:

gold (metallic) spray paint | gold glitter (I used extra fine glitter) | large white feathers | string | glue gun |scissors

DSC_0985diy feather garland supplies

First, spray paint the tips of the feathers and sprinkle enough glitter to cover the painted area while it is still wet. I then let them sit out to dry for an hour or so after applying the glitter, just to be sure that nothing would rub off. Finally, use the glue gun to attach the feathers along the string. Done!

DSC_0973diy feather garland detail shotsDSC_0996

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